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    Events And Exhibition Logistics Services.

    Published: May 15, 2018


    Over the years, we at WMB have provided a range of services for exhibitions and events across the UK and Europe. Whether equipment needs picking up, delivering or our assistance has simply been needed in other ways, we are always willing to help.

    We always love attending events: not only do we get to help some of the leading brands in the motorcycle industry, but we get to travel far and wide to do so, which in turn allows us to witness some very memorable moments and visit destinations we might not otherwise get to visit.

    Harley Davidson Goes On Tour

    One such event that always keeps us on our toes and we’re always excited to be a part of is the Harley Davidson European Demo Truck Tour.

    The Demo Truck tours around a set route, visiting a different dealership throughout Europe every week for a total of 31 weeks. The aim of the tour is to give the dealerships the opportunity to invite potential clients along to test ride the whole range of bikes that are currently available, offering bikes, kit and plenty of advice.



    As we mentioned before, it is not just the logistics of an event we manage, this tour is a prime example of that. During the Harley Tour we also set up a mini event and have a booking in system via iPads that customers and visitors can put their details into.

    Once each location is completed, usually over a weekend, we then load the bikes and kit up and move onto the next dealership. The truck hold up to 23 motorcycles, and we’ve recently switched drivers, with the first taking the tour for seven weeks.



    The 2018 tour is already in full swing and our demo truck has already visited 10 locations across Europe and will continue to do so until the tour wraps up at the end of August.

    This is a massive deal for the dealers in these countries as they don’t carry a lot of ‘demo bike’ stock for people to test ride, so this is a once a year opportunity to get potential customers riding the bikes.

    This event is one which we’re proud to be a part of. Each event is promoted by the dealers on billboards, on the radio and so on and people will come from far and wide just to get a look at the bikes, as in most of these locations the bikes we’re carrying are not always available!

    Each stop feels more and more like a celebrity appearance, and we must say we do feel special being the chosen partner for this event.



    Short Term Events

    While the Harley tour is an ongoing, long term event we cover, we also do short term events with a quick turnaround. One recent example of this is a quick trip to Spain which our director, Paul Lusty, took at the end of February to Calafat in Spain, where he took a selection of bikes over for the DCM (Dan Cooper Motorsport) track and test day.

    This was a 3-day event that we worked closely with our good friend Dan Cooper on.


    A lot of you reading this will know that we often lend our services to some of the biggest motorcycle shows and exhibitions in the UK. Our most recent was the Carole Nash MCN London Motorcycle show, which took place earlier this year.

    With the use of 8 trailers, we transported a total of 180 motorbikes! Not only did we transport them but we helped build stands and then cleaned, positioned and secured the bikes onto their stands before the show opened. That’s a lot of work for one day! But we always manage it and we always do it with a smile on our faces.

    That’s one of the many reasons the brands we work with are so loyal and will request our services time and time again, and we are only too happy to oblige.


    WMB at MCN

    WMB at MCN


    Red Bull Romaniacs And Sea To Sky

    In more recent times we have even ventured into running customer specific logistics for two leading motorcycle brands, with two very important and exciting events coming up in the next few months: the Red Bull Romaniacs and the Sea to Sky event.

    The Sea to Sky event is a new venture for us this year, as we rarely get the chance to open up our services to the public on such a grand scale, so we’re really excited to give people the opportunity to choose us this September.

    We are the official partner of Eurotek KTM for this non-stop 3-day racing event and we already have a truck full, with even more requests coming in, so it’s looking great so far. We’re definitely going to have our hands full for both of these events and we can’t wait!

    If you’re interested in using our services or simply want to find out more about this event check the details below.



    There is almost no end to the services we can provide and we’re only too happy to do so, whatever the task may be. For more information, head on over to our ‘Exhibition Logistics’ page 

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