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    An Event Like No Other – Motorcycle Live 2019

    Published: December 11, 2019

    The UK’s biggest and baddest motorcycle showroom has come and gone. Nine days of manufacturers showing off their latest models in a battle to win over the most loyal motorheads in the industry, with over 104,000 visitors ascending to the event in anticipation. This year saw Motorcycle Live with Bikesure Insurance double down on providing the best experience for both the customers and manufacturers at the event. There were some show-stopping visuals, with features and zones really setting this show apart from any others in the country: 

    • Speed Is My Need – The showing of this docu-film went over what makes young men risk their lives for the thrill of speed!
    • BMW Rolling Road showcased its technical programs and also provided training for new riders who were interested in experiencing life on two wheels.
    • The Moto Cirque Arena was the place to be if you are a fan of live jaw dropping motocross freestyle.

    This was just a few of the great experiences from the prestigious event.

    CC: Motorcycle Live

    This year marked our 10th year supporting many of the top manufacturers to engage in the event and this was by far our busiest year of the bunch. It’s estimated that we transported just over 400 bikes to the show. Now that is something to rave about! Some of the leading manufacturers across the globe relied on our expertise in transporting their prestigious bikes to this years Motorcycle live, including:

    • KTM
    • Harley
    • Ducati
    • BMW
    • Suzuki
    • CCM
    • Yamaha
    • Kymco
    • Triumph
    • Fantic
    • Artisan Electric 

    The set-up took place on the 14th & 15th November in time for the launch of the big event on time. Once again, it took the whole WMB family to come together to carry out this task successfully. It takes a lot of truck power and human togetherness, but no job is too big for WMB!

    No destination was too far for the WMB fleet. We picked up bikes from across the country and as far as Europe including Italy and Germany. This was made even more special by the caliber of bikes that jumped on the journey to the NEC Birmingham. Some of the latest, never seen before 2020 models, electric concept bikes from the big guns, historic bikes with a lot of value and also mini-motors. A total of 400 bikes were transported to the NEC and here’s a glimpse into how it was done, true WMB style:  

    It’s always a pleasure to be trusted by the event and the long list of manufacturers who let us take the responsibility of transporting their beloved assets to Motorcycle Live. Though the logistics of the task is challenging, the new brexit laws will put pressure on transport companies who are bringing goods in and out of the country. Nethertheless, we have been proactive in our approach and registered with the government through HMRC to be able to access the customs clearance systems, and deal with the duties and VAT due when entering the UK from European countries once we leave the EU after Brexit 2019. Also, we can provide ATA Carnets for temporary import and exportation of goods across europe.

    Brexit is something that we’ve all known about for a while and it’s been up in the air on how it will affect the logistics sector. Whatever the outcome of Brexit, we have all areas covered and all of the relevant documentation to continue as our service as normal. We have had a number of our staff trained to stay tuned into the shift in importing laws and we have made sure that no stone has been left unturned.

    You can read more about our preparation for the shift in logistics laws in our most recent Brexit blog.

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