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    Bike Asset Management

    Our tailored Asset Management Packages include PDI, Valeting preparation of your bike, ready for its next appearance.


    WMB offer a tailor made package to suit the needs of our corporate clients. We will look after your bikes from the beginning, PDI them, valet them, and prepare them ready for whatever occasion you require them for, whether it be a show, press launch or demonstration event.

    Looking after your bikes

    Here at WMB, we can provide an Asset Management Service for corporate clients, and will do as much or a little as you require for your press, show and demonstration fleets. We currently cover UK shows and demonstration events for some major bike manufacturers. We also run two demonstration tours for Harley-Davidson, which run across the EU and bordering countries. The two trucks visit dealerships, with a self-contained event on the truck. Our staff will then assist the dealership staff in running the best possible demonstration event for their customers.

    The end-to-end service that we offer is of the best quality and you can guarantee that your bikes are in the best, most experienced hands.

    1. First of all, we will take delivery of your brand new fleet of bikes including pre-launched bikes. We store your bikes in our highly secure warehouse until you are ready for them to be seen at a show or event. When your bikes enter our care, they will be entered onto our Asset Management System. This system records movements, inspections, servicing, valeting and storage of every motorcycle, which we are fully responsible for.
    2. We will PDI each of your bikes to ensure that they are ready for whatever you require them for, whether it’s a show, press or demonstration. We have a state of the art two bay workshop with highly trained technicians.
    3. Once your bikes have been through the PDI process, they will then be washed and polished, ready for their first use. Before the bikes leave our building to go to a show or event, they will be checked over again to ensure they are fit for the purpose.
    4. We then transport your bikes, and any other equipment you require to be at the show or event. With WMB delivering your bikes, you can be sure that your brand will make an entrance on one of our modern, striking vehicles.  Our staff will set up your bikes and offer any other help that you may need. Then, once the event has finished, we will re-load the bikes and event equipment, and again, the staff will offer any other help that they can to be of assistance to you.
    5. Post-event, back at WMB, each of your bikes will be put through our workshop for a safety inspection or service – whatever is required. Even show bikes will be put through our workshop to take note of any possible damage or missing parts so that you know that your bike is ready to go on show for your next event. Once they have been through the workshop, they will then be put through the valeting bay and stored, ready to use at your next event.
    6. Once your bikes come to the end of their term with us, our workshop can arrange disposal  or prepare your bikes to be sold – whatever you need, we can help!
    Call us today on +44 (0) 845 8944 222 to discuss your asset management needs

    Why use WMB Logistics for Bike Asset Management

    • WMB are the leading supplier for this service
    • Our staff have the experience and expertise you would expect from a prestige motorcycle transport company
    • The WMB staff will work with your staff as a team to provide the best possible service
    • We will do as much or as little as the clients require, or budgets dictate!

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