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    The Ins And Outs Of Motorcycle Logistics

    Published: March 9, 2018

    There are three key areas to motorcycle logistics; specialised bike transport, specialised bike storage and bike asset management.

    We’ve been doing this for a long time and have a fantastic client base, from individuals all the way through to some of the world’s leading motorcycle manufacturers; Harley-Davidson, Ducati, KTM, Suzuki, Triumph and BMW. We’ve even just been announced as the official transport provider for both Red Bull Romaniacs (Romania) and Sea To Sky (Turkey) this year for Eurotek KTM, which we’re incredibly excited about!

    Ultimately, whether you’re looking for just one of the three motorbike logistics services, or you’re looking to utilise them all, we’ve explained below what each area entails and what you’ll get for your money, so you can ensure you’re paying for the service that you need and nothing more.

    Paul Lusty, Director of WMB

    Paul Lusty, Director of WMB

    Specialised bike transport

    We offer two types of motorcycle transport here – one for private clients and one for corporate clients.

    Many of our private clients hire us to transport their bikes for rallies and other events in a bid to save them time and money – we take the inconvenience out of the situation for them. All they’ve got to do is get themselves and their kit there and we take care of the rest. We not only pick up and transport the bikes, but we also clean them to ensure they’re looking as fresh as can be by the time they arrive.

    Likewise, many of our other private clients like us to collect and transport their new bikes for them, delivering them to their new homes safe and sound, whilst some even arrange for us to collect and deliver the bikes to be stored during the winter months outside of bike season, returning it to them the following year ahead of the next season starting.

    We tend to transport a higher quantity of bikes for our corporate clients, as well as doing so much more! One day we might be transporting brand new bikes into the UK ahead of their UK/worldwide launches and the next we might be delivering them to a show or event where they’ll be displayed for all to see.

    Questions you should ask before hiring a motorcycle transport company:

    1. Do they hold the correct insurances?
    2. Is the company well-established within the bike industry?
    3. Is the company’s transport safe and secure?
    4. Are the staff experienced and trained to a high standard, whilst also being friendly and approachable?
    5. Is the company known to be reliable and reputable?

    Ultimately, everyone and every company is different and therefore all packages should be tailor made to suit that specific customer.

    Harley Davidson demo truck

    Harley Davidson demo truck

    Specialised bike storage

    Offering simple storage right through to end-to-end service, we pride ourselves on having a state-of-the-art security system, providing the utmost security for private clients and corporate clients alike.

    Our warehouse operates on a premium individual crate storage system, allowing all bikes to be stored singularly, safely and securely, which many bike owners take us up on outside of bike season – freeing up space whilst knowing that their bike is both safe and well looked after.

    Four things to enquire about before booking motorcycle storage:

    1. The level of security at the facility where your bike will be stored
    2. What methods and equipment in the process of storing your bike
    3. How experienced are the staff handling your bike?
    4. Is the building dry? Does it suffer from big temperature fluctuations that will cause moisture to form on your bike/s?
    Professional motorbike storage

    Professional motorbike storage

    Bike asset management

    Bike asset management is a service offered to all corporate clients, and is tailored to the needs of that client.

    First things first, we take delivery of the brand new fleet of bikes (including pre-launched bikes) and store them in a highly secure warehouse until you’re ready for them to be seen by the world, at a show, event or otherwise. Here, they’re entered into our Asset Management System where we’ll keep track of everything related to each individual bike in the fleet; from their movements, to any work that’s done on them (inspections, servicing and valeting) and the storage.

    Once the bikes are in our care, we run a pre-delivery inspection (PDI) on them to ensure that they’re fit for purpose for the upcoming event, show, demonstration, etc. Once they’ve gone through the PDI process, we then wash and polish them using our very own range of premium motorcycle cleaning products; WMB Pride (or if you’d rather we use a different brand / your own brand, just say the word and this can be done).

    After all checks have been conducted and we’re satisfied that the bikes are ready for use and up to standard, we’ll transport them to where they need to be. Not only will the fleet of bikes arrive in style, in one of the modern WMB Group trucks but our staff will also be more than happy to move them to where they need to be, set them up and even help build stands and more – don’t be afraid to ask them.

    We recently moved a number of motorcycles for BMW to The Carole Nash MCN London Motorcycle Show and they spoke to camera about the fantastic relationship that we have and how they consider WMB Group to be a part of the BMW family.


    Finally, when your event is finished, we’ll pick up the fleet of bikes, transport them back to our workshop for one final safety inspection or service (depending on which is required), before being cleaned in the valeting bay and stored ahead of the next event.

    If you’d like, as one of the ways we like to go above and beyond, when your bike comes to the end of its term with us, our team are happy to transport it back to you – they’ll even help to arrange the disposal/sale of the bike.

    Bike assest management

    Bike asset management

    We Move Bikes… we have done since we became established 12 years ago in 2006. We’re confident that we can meet your needs and take care of your bike better than anyone else can. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions, would like to view our facilities or would look to enquire about booking one (or more) of our services.

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