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    Supporting big brands on tour

    Published: March 28, 2017


    WMB Harley-Davidson Tour

    It has been a busy few week at WMB headquarters as the team gets ready to support Harley-Davidson on a tour of Eastern Europe. It’s not as simple as providing a truck and a driver, there’s a lot more that goes into getting a brand ready for the road.

    The demo truck is ready, with all the branding complete and the inside fitted and kitted out. We’ve had a few weeks of checking, packing, cleaning, polishing and finally loading – before checking and cleaning again. We can never do enough clean, this is a world famous brand and it has to be seen at its best.

    We asked one of WMB Director Tony Davis for a checklist of what the drivers need to take on this tour – surely you just need the bikes? Apparently we’ve packed:
    • crash helmets
    • jackets
    • gazebos
    • chairs
    • tables
    • re-fuelling equipment
    • generator
    • sound system
    • tools
    • on board pressure washer
    • 600 litres of water
    • polish (got to keep things looking good)
    • computer booking system
    • brand literature

    The tour will run for 130 days and take in the sights and sounds of Turkey, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Slovakia, Croatia, Poland, Ukraine, Switzerland and Hungary.

    If you see them on the road, why not share it on social media? As well as including Harley-Davidson (of course), don’t forget to use #WMBlogistics so we can see it.

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