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    The T-Cab Is Back And Ready For Business

    Published: May 30, 2018



    We know we have teased and hinted that our truck, the T16, T-cab has been having a refurb and was well on its way to looking amazing for many months now, and we know you guys, our loyal fans and friends, have been desperate to see it, so we have some fantastic news… it’s finally ready to be unveiled!

    The T-Cab has finally been let loose on the open roads of Gloucestershire and the surrounding areas. Making its first ever appearance as a newly transformed bonneted T-Cab at the NASSA gathering on 4th-7th May. It received rave reviews and people were absolutely loving the new look.


    T-cab at NASSA truck gathering

    T-cab at NASSA truck gathering


    This September we will have owned the glorious T-Cab for seven years and in that time the truck hasn’t stopped! So, as you’d imagine, it was well deserving of a makeover which we were so excited to give it.

    The truck was popular from the get go, even before its refurbishment, being used for the Harley-Davidson Demo Tour and the NFL tour for many years as well as in campaigns for Benefit Cosmetics and Not On The High Street.

    Previous campaigns


    With such an A-list roster to its name, this truck deserved the A-list treatment which is exactly why we thought it was high time we get this bad boy into the work shop and re-vamp it.

    As you can imagine, after seven years out on the road with numerous paint wraps and design changes, it was in need of some love. We can’t thank the guys down at Autocolour Services in Tewkesbury enough for not only working long and hard to make this truck perfect for its big reveal but also for their creative input in the changes we have made to the truck.

    You can see for yourselves how far it has come and how much work went into getting it perfect:


    After being stripped bare inside and out, the truck has had a full repaint and the interior has been fully refurbished, not to mention all the unmissable extras to the outside that we’ve added. So surely you can forgive us for taking our time with this.

    Now completed, the truck is now available for brand promotion once more.

    If you’re looking for a truck that stands out and will catch your audiences eye then this is the truck for you. We believe it really makes a bold statement for our clients.

    If you are interested in using the truck for such instances, please feel free to contact us on +44 (0)845 8944 222 or email

    We want to get this beauty back into business as much as the rest of the world.




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