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    Wash your bike with Pride: our top tips for giving your motorbike a real ‘showroom finish’

    Published: August 4, 2017

    At WMB, we’re seriously serious about cleaning bikes (and trucks). Our brand name stands for We Move Bikes, and that’s exactly what we do — for some of the biggest brands in the industry, from Harley Davison to Triumph (to name just two).

    But it’s not just about moving things from one place to another. When our customers’ motorcycles are delivered or taken to shows, they need to arrive in pristine condition. To be more specific they need a ‘showroom finish’.

    Over the years we tried many wash products, but couldn’t find anything that was up to the job – so we developed our own. That’s how the WMB Pride range was born.

    You can find out more, or buy WMB Pride products, on our online shopping page But for some top tips for washing your bike at home, we asked our valet pro (and former speedway champ) Ronnie ‘Rocket’ Correy to do a short demo video. Here are his top tips for cleaning your bike.

    1. Wet bike

    It doesn’t matter if you use a hose, a bucket of water or a pressure washer – what matters is you get your bike really wet all over before you put any washing products on. We use a pressure washer and these are useful because they are quick and loosen the dirt, but be cautious if you use one and don’t get it too close to the bike.

    2. Choose the right motorbike shampoo

    Ok, so we’re going to tell you WMB Pride cleaning products are the best to use — of course. But it is important to use a good quality shampoo — one that won’t corrode the bike. We’ve seen discussions in online forums where riders have mentioned using washing-up liquid on their bikes. We shudder at the thought – don’t do it! Use a product designed for the purpose.

    3. Use a cleaning mitt

    Again, you could just use a sponge (or something similar), but we recommend a mitt. Ronnie finds that a mitt is easier to use. It also helps you to get your hand into all the hard-to-reach areas of the bike. You can see him using one in our video.

    4. Be quick

    Once the bike is wet and the shampoo is on, it’s best to move fast; you don’t want the bike to dry out while you’ve got the product on it. Our WMB Pride: Wash has got a spray nozzle on it, so you can quickly spray the product onto the wet bike (although if you wish you can open the top, pour the contents directly into a bucket of water and manually apply). Once you’ve scrubbed the bike, rinse off straight away.

    5. Don’t let the air dry the bike

    At WMB we use a blower to get our bikes dry quickly. You can buy these for home use; they’re very good and make light work of the job. But you can just use a soft towel instead. Either way, don’t leave the bike to dry off in the sun. Dry it off thoroughly, all over. And don’t forget: it’s a good time to think about using a polish product, like WMB Pride: Shine and to see if you need to lubricate your chain.

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