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    We’ve Found The UK’s Proudest Motorbike Owner

    Published: February 12, 2018

    Just before Christmas, we launched a competition to find the UK’s Proudest Motorbike Owner and the entries flew in! When we closed the competition on January 31st, we had an impressive 1,097 entrants from all around the UK write in to tell us why they should receive the crown and the prize of a year’s supply of our very own WMB Pride products.

    After scouring through all of the entries that came through, the team here at WMB Group decided that the deserving winner was Lincoln Jones, a 47-year-old Computer Analyst from Chester, who with his 100-word limit penned us a poem about his Panigale 899:

    I clean and polish my pride and joy,

    It’s got to be my favourite toy.

    I like to admire her every day,

    I’d bring her indoors if I had my way.

    I think twice if it’s raining or there’s mud on the road, 

    Then it’s bike No2, the alternative mode.

    It’s more like a hobby, a most enjoyable time,

    She’s a work of art, that Panigale 899.

    That’s an impressive poem, I think you can all agree. And here Lincoln is on the famous Panigale 899 in all of her glory:

    Britains Proudest Motorbike Owner

    Lincoln on his trusty Panigale 899

    Impressively, whilst the competition was open to anyone in the UK who owned a motorbike and was over the age of 18 years old, that didn’t stop the youngsters entering themselves. Our youngest entrant was a 10-year-old girl called Shae who has had her bike on show, alongside her uncle’s, at the 2016 All British Rally.

    Lincoln, the UK’s Proudest Motorbike Owner, has won himself a year’s supply of WMB Pride – our premium collection of motorbike cleaning products, consisting of Wash, Shine, Revive and Lube.

    Pride Wash, Shine, Revive & Lube

    The WMB Pride premium range of motorcycle cleaning products

    Maybe now he can get his Panigale 899 out on those dirty, miserable days and show her off to the world, instead of keeping her indoors, away from the perils of the English weather.

    After we made the phone call to let him know that he’d won the crown, Lincoln said:

    “I’m thrilled to find out that I’ve won! The products will be great to keep my bike in tip-top condition, although my wife might not be happy that I’ll be spending more time in the garage!”

    The Panigale on the road

    The Panigale 899 on the road

    Ashley Parker from commented:

    “We had so many entrants for the competition, it was hard to go through all of them and pick just one winner. You could tell by the 100-word entries just how much people love their bikes. Lincoln, in our eyes, showed his love for his bike – and now, hopefully, with a year’s worth of WMB Pride, he won’t have to worry about keeping his Ducati Panigale 899 indoors during the bad weather anymore.”

    We want to thank everyone that entered our competition – the entries were phenomenal, and we really do have some very proud motorbike owners here in the UK!

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