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    WMB Pride: Get To Know The Products

    Published: February 20, 2018

    Since the launch of the company, our main focus here at WMB Group has been delivering bikes around the UK and Europe to showrooms and global events for some of the world’s leading motorcycle brands, including Harley-Davidson, Ducati, KTM, Suzuki, Triumph and BMW.

    It’s in our name after all – WMB (We Move Bikes).

    We take great pride in the bikes that we transport and learned early on that so many motorcycle cleaning products on the market are not as good as sometimes advertised. Some are corrosive, which you 100% don’t want, whilst others cause ‘clouding’ and can lead to paintwork fading. So, with this in mind, we created our own range of products.

    For many years, we were the only ones who used our products. We love them; we use them on all of the bikes that we transport for the world’s leading bike manufacturers to ensure that when they’re delivered to where they have to be, they’re showroom ready. We’ve had some dealerships, bike enthusiasts and journalists reach out over the years to try out products, which we’ve been happy to share, but recently we decided to make them available for anyone with a bike. We could no longer keep our top secret to ourselves – it didn’t seem fair.

    Pride Wash, Shine, Revive and Lube

    Pride Wash, Shine, Revive and Lube

    For those wondering what’s so different or unique about our products, here’s a little more of an insight…


    Free of harmful chemicals, Wash is a non-corrosive shampoo that it suitable for use on all bikes and all types of materials, including metal, plastics and finished surfaces.

    The air-freshened shampoo is gentle on the paintwork and delicate areas of your pride and joy, and cares for your bike as it cleans. The liquid transforms the dried-on dirt, bugs and grease on your bike into a softer substance that can easily be wiped away; perfect for the everyday rider, the off-road rider and everyone in between.

    Wash is available for purchase in 1l trigger-spray bottles. Be sure to remove pets from the area before use. When you’re ready to clean your bike, simply hose the bike down with water, spray on Wash (or you can mix 9 parts water to 1 part Wash in a bucket if you prefer to hand-clean your bike with a sponge) and leave for between one and two minutes. You then simply rinse off your bike, being sure to rub at the stubborn areas with a sponge or brush to ensure everything has been wiped and washed away.

    Avoid letting the product dry onto your bike to get the best results.

    You can purchase Wash for just £8.49


    Pride Wash


    Our dual action silicon-free Shine formula is designed to restore, clean and condition all types of surfaces on your motorbike, from painted surfaces and plastics to chrome and stainless steel. The formula not only repels dust and dirt, it also contains anti-static technology that creates a longer-lasting shine.

    With a pleasant fragrance, Shine restores the original appearance of the materials that it’s used on and maintains a healthy shine, giving your bike a new lease of life.

    Shine is available for purchase in a 500ml aerosol and is perfect for use on the majority of the bike, from the number plate and lights to the body itself. Be sure to shake well before use, hold upright and at a distance of 15 to 20cm away from your motorbike. Finally, wipe off any excess product with a lint-free cloth and buff to shine.

    (N.B. Not for use on brakes, hand grips or pedals.)

    You can purchase Shine for just £8.99


    Pride Shine


    Whilst the other products in the range focus on the bike, Revive is a kit refresher perfect for your clothing, gloves, helmet and boots.

    The aerosol contains a fresh fragrance that leaves your kit smelling nice, whilst also containing an anti-fungal property that will help you to avoid athletes foot and scalp irritation from dirty equipment.

    Revive is available for purchase in a 500ml aerosol. Shake well, hold between 25 and 30cm away from the item that you’re wanting to refresh and spray in short bursts until you can see the moisture on your kit and leave to dry.

    You can purchase Revive for just £8.99


    Pride Revive


    The WMB Pride chain lube extends the life of your motorbike chain and prevents wear, ensuring your chain will run as smoothly as possible for as long as your bike does.

    The effective chain lubricant is able to penetrate areas of difficult access and adhere to the fast-moving equipment once dried thanks to an Extreme Pressure Additive. The use of PTFE leaves a clear coating over the chain to prevent wear and tear to the chain and also extends the life of it by repelling dirt, being water resistant and preventing corrosion.

    Designed to lubricate non O Ring, O Ring and X Ring chains, the Lube won’t cause any harm to the sealing rings, giving maximum lubrication to the sealed varieties of the chain.

    Lube is available for purchase in a 500ml aerosol. To use, simply shake well until the agitator inside moves freely, hold upright 20 to 25cm away from your chain and spray. Be sure to avoid any non-metallic surfaces and allow the product to dry before you start your motorbike.

    For best results, spray onto your chain immediately after taking your bike for a ride, when the chain is warm. This will give the Lube the best chance to penetrate the most difficult parts of the chain. Be sure not to overspray; additional product won’t protect the chain any better, it will just lead to ‘flinging’. You just need enough to ensure that the chain has a coating as you turn the wheel.

    You can purchase Lube for just £7.99 


    Pride Lube

    Whatever type of bike your riding, whether it’s a standard bike, an off-road bike, a cruiser, or something else, these products are a must for your collection!


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