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    WMB Group In The News

    Published: February 16, 2018

    We’ve had a crazy few months here at WMB Group and it’s great to see that it’s all been documented in the media, whether that’s with the transport & logistics press, motorbike press, or even our local press! It’s great for people to see that we do more than just transport motorbikes; that we’re a fun company, that we help in times of need, and more! It’s great to know that others are seeing and reading this, because you wouldn’t believe just how many things we do and the areas that we cover.

    So, here’s a little overview of what we’ve been doing and where we have appeared in the press…

    We launched WMB Pride!

    We’ve always used our own motorcycle cleaning products, as we felt others on the market just weren’t up to scratch. Our premium motorcycle cleaning range, Pride, consists of Wash, Shine, Revive and Lube, ensuring there’s something for your bike, chain and even your kit. We created this range so that your bike and kit can always look showroom ready, even after you’ve gone out and got yourself covered in mud, bugs and whatever else.

    The media have really got behind the launch of Pride and we’re consistently getting coverage month after month, from the likes of Motor Cycle News, Thunder Road, Gloucestershire Live and many more!

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    We were hiring to fill a ‘dream job’ position

    Sometimes we forget how much of an amazing opportunity we have here at WMB Group; getting to see some of the world’s newest bikes before they’re revealed to the public, and even getting to briefly ride them to add miles onto the clocks. So, with this in mind, we offered up a ‘dream job’ opportunity for a bike tester to come into our warehouse once a week to help us with the basics of riding and testing the very latest motorbikes.

    We offered a very generous salary and saw an amazing 1,356 bike lovers apply for the job. We finally managed to whittle it down to one successful candidate and can confirm that he’s loving the opportunity to work with us, especially with bike season fast approaching.

    Motorcycle Sport & Leisure, Visor Down and even the Daily Star got behind our campaign!

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    We saved the day

    OK, that might be a little bit of an exaggeration, but many people don’t know that we’re a distribution centre for water should anything happen that leaves people without the vital resource. Back in December, there was a pretty large water leak in Tewkesbury that cut off the water supply to roughly 10,000 homes and businesses. We immediately loaded up our lorries with the required amount of bottled water and delivered the cargo to the town so people had access to clean drinking water whilst the issue was being resolved by Severn Trent.

    It was great to see that our local news site, Gloucestershire Live, featured us in this story.

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    The hunt for the UK’s Proudest Motorbike Owner

    During December and January, we launched a UK-wide competition to find the UK’s Proudest Motorbike Owner, with the winning applicant receiving a year’s worth of WMB Pride to ensure their pride and joy was always looking its best.

    We had a total of 1,097 applicants and it was not an easy feat by any means to go through all of the applications and pick just one winner, but we rose up to the challenge. The winner, Lincoln Jones, was ecstatic to hear that he’d been crowned the UK’s Proudest Motorbike Owner and to be the recipient of one year’s supply of WMB Pride.

    The competition was well received by all journalists that we spoke to and generated a lot of coverage, with highlights including On2Wheels, the Yorkshire Reporter and Classic Scooterist.

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    We’ve been reviewed

    Having launched WMB Pride, we’ve been sending out our products to a few journalists for them to try out and review on their own bikes. Whilst the weather hasn’t been great, UK Club Sport have tested out the products and given us a glowing review – with many others telling us that they have tried our products, love them and will be reviewing us in due course.

    It’s always great to hear feedback, especially when it’s so positive!

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